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Apocalyptic Scenes Left in Oregon by Massive Fires

15 Sep 2020

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - Drone video shows block after block of homes completely burned to the ground after the Almeda fires destroyed the entire neighborhood in Talent, US state of Oregon.

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It's been more than a week, and the unprecedented wildfires are still raging. At least 35 people have been confirmed dead as dozens of major fires wreak havoc on the West Coast.

In one of the hardest-hit areas, the northern California town of Berry Creek, the West Zone Fire swept through so quickly that 14 people were killed and seven more remain missing. Recovery crews face a daunting task as home after home is destroyed, CBS reported.

The fires are also creating a thick smoke that's so hazardous that California Governor Gavin Newsom compared it to smoking 400 cigarettes a day. Portland, Seattle and San Francisco are now all in the top five cities for the worst air quality in the world.

Talent, Oregon, was blanketed in flame retardant in an attempt to save the town. But it was no match for the flames, and the entire neighborhood is now in ruins - just like several other communities where people had little time to flee.

Oregon officials fear the death toll could dramatically rise.

The current wind and heat are expected to last through the week. Firefighters say the blazes could burn until November.

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